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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Hey Shadow, you're still improving. (Looking forward to Shift, that preview was fantastic.) Not a huge fan of the music choice, but that's only because I'm picky and have no idea what series that's from.

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Nyan Caxx Nyan Caxx

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Well... didn't see that coming.

I was all like, Nyan Cat, haha, what fun times I- hey, a Malboro, that's kinda, is that the cube from Hellraiser? What's... GAH-

The nine is because I would have liked a scene select, so I could relive the horror without the Nyan. Other than that, solid.

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SPHX2 - The Teaser Scene SPHX2 - The Teaser Scene

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Much better.

Ah, you know how much I love Tails. Still, Tails has a dark form now? Or was it just part of the dream? Ha! And he has Youmu's Blade of Eternity. Still working those Touhou effects, I see. His arm stretched a little too much when he stabbed Sonic, by the way.

Tails's pupils were WAY too small. Try to keep them the same size as the rest of the pixels, it'll look more natural. Your dialogue is still a bit weird; keep in mind that both Sonic and Tails have a very casual manner of speech, especially with each other. Sonic's whole 'Brace yourself, people of Mobius' line just doesn't sound right. Also, why did the background change to black, shiny checkered floor world? Ah, dream sequences...

As for the fighting, good job! This is a huge improvement from the charging-and-beam heavy style you were using before. The level of detail you put into Tails' blaster and Sonic's spring were great, and the effects weren't as overblown. Things did get a little ridiculous at the end, with the negative spin-drop, but I can live with just that.

Looking forward to season 2, it looks like you're still improving. Your art isn't bad, either.

Exorz responds:

Ha. No. I said they are canceled, outdue to date for some time later. Please, enjoy my other projects while i`m working on my recent. And thanks. Thanks a lot for the review. BUT, by what you said, seems you HAVEN`T read my post. I know it`s a lot of text but please try to spare some of your time to read. Before you review Link vs Virus Link i suggest you do. Highly. And what do you mean by 'pupils'?

Mario VS. Luigi - Finale Mario VS. Luigi - Finale

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Good work, could be faster.

First and most importantly, less slow mo. Much less. Seriously. The same sound effect, the same transparent duplicate thing, the same echo, every half of a second, it was bad. That's the biggest problem I had with it by far.

The signature moves were fun, but I think each character only needed 1 or 2, rather than 6 or 7. (Putting my Japanese to the test, are you?)

Far fewer effects than you used with PHX, which is a great thing. You did cut away (fade to black) quite a bit, and considering you didn't change backgrounds, it just wasn't necessary. The extreme close-ups got a little bit hard to follow, too. (Why can they spindash now? When did this happen?)

The sense of humor in the last minute or so was unexpected, and made me chuckle, so bonus points.

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Exorz responds:

...Right. About the slow mos. I said it >9000x. I was practicing that trick. This is not a serious project after all. It was mere training to focus on stuff i yet didn`t know. The signature moves... Well we know Mario for years even 6 or 7 sig. moves are too little based on how much time he does this smashing koopas and goombas and whatnots.
And yes, that`s exactly what i`m doing. Writing on Japanese because most people don`t know that language and are idiots... (Idiot).
Ever played Superstar Saga or Partners in Time? There we see how they do this spindash.
And if it wasnt for the chuckling this is worth a 6 only?! Beeyatch.

Sonic: PHX Episode 13 Sonic: PHX Episode 13

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Hmm, your storytelling is improving a bit.

No fighting really, so I can't critique the action, but the dialogue wasn't half bad. You did mispell 'dumb', and I'm not sure that an all powerful centuries old Dark God would try to go for sarcasm. But hey, you wrapped things up with some nice effects, and it was nice to see everyone back to normal, ya know, without wings and crazy color schemes.

I read that you'll be taking a break, but I'll be looking forward to your next season when you get to it. Meanwhile, I'll try to do something. Like, finish an episode. (It's been, like, a year, hasn't it?)

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Exorz responds:

Heh thanks really. I just wanted to try to improve this time a bit around the episode.
Well the Dark God (me) can go for sarcasm... like u said, hes ancient from centuries. That`s EXACTLY why he CAN be sarcastic. And ya its been a year.

Sonic: PHX Episode 12 Sonic: PHX Episode 12

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


It's been said before, but you'd be better off maing this episode longer. Or just explaining all of it in the beginning of Ep 13. Anyway, more charging, nothing new. Not much else to say.

Exorz responds:

...Well okay. Thanks for reviewing.

Sonic: PHX Episode 11 Sonic: PHX Episode 11

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Sorry for the low score...

But nothing happened. Really, the Mecha-Robotnik fight was just one beam. And there was a lot of talking, and while I do like talking, you should try to convey things with as little dialogue as possible. Or at least punctuate it with movement. Not necessarily fight scenes, but at least have them walk around, change the way they stand or face, look around, etc.

And let me get this straight. YOU'RE the villain of this story? That's surprising.

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Exorz responds:

Heh sorry for that, it does seem a little awkward... But i wanted to imitate everyone`s style on this training project and combine it into my own. For example that is what DanDark did. Not exactly that Virus was himself as a character but it was HIS character which inspired me to do this.
Also, i grew tired and i`d want to finish the series at the same time so i`d try to finish it asap so i can work on other projects freely. Thanks for reviewing.

Sonic: PHX Episode 10 Sonic: PHX Episode 10

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Hey, I'm back.

Hmm. You know, I didn't really like this fight... I mean, it's what? Like, 6 on 6? And ALL OF THEM ARE GREY. You used more melee attacks, but most of them were just zoom-in-from-off-screen punches, not much detail. (You know how much I love detail.) Still, I have no idea how I'd draw a massive brawl like that, so I guess I shouldn't be too tough.

Mecha was surprisingly well done, the backstory may have been a little similar to SMBZ, but then again, similarity is just a stigma of us spriters, eh? Anyway, I liked some of the tweens you used in his movements, they were surprisingly fluid.

One little problem I had was that I got Robotnik and Shadow confused. And I forgot who he was threatening. ...Sorry.

Exorz responds:

Yea, it was Robotnik. If you had seen Ep.9 you`d see that Shadow gained power from the Fire Orb and turned HellSpecter. Then in Episode 11 Spectrum splits power from the Surpreme Orb to protect the heroes with an Immunity Shield (you`ll see why) and turns him into Inferno Shadow. (Tribute to DoD XD). Also, it`s 8 on 4, but still 12 characters are fighting so yes, i wanted to practice on more characters fighting eachother.
And thanks man, but tbh, your series also remind of SMBZ (usage of Mecha Sonic, DBZ soundeffects... -_-)
Thanks though.

The Real Legend 4 The Real Legend 4

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Your animations are fantastic as always.

Although some of the jokes were a little forced.

Also, where did you find that awesome remix theme you used for the credits?

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Sonic: PHX Episode 9 Sonic: PHX Episode 9

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Oh hey.

Tails is back! Also, an angel. ....Okay.

I have to agree with Spartan down there, the charging scene did take a little too long. I can tell this is something you've been looking forward to, but keep your audience in mind when you make these; we don't know what's coming, so we tend to have a much shorter attention span.

Speaking of which, I'm pretty sure your characters are now impossible to tell apart. I mean, I was getting it down, and then bam, everyone changes color. Again. Least Tails is easy to tell apart, eh? Yaaay, Tails. The Sonic/Emerl fight was decent, but I think your Knuckles/Robotnik fight was better. The Emerls didn't even fight back, they just got clobbered wholesale. I'm looking forward to the next fight scene, but try not to do too much charging. Use melee attacks more often, they're more fun to watch.

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Exorz responds:

First, Tails isn`t an angel. Hes a mortal fox being just his transformation is named like that. You know, Light Tails or Ice Sonic can get tiring so i thought id make some names based on those elements myself.

Also, i know about the recolors, i`ll try to do something about that too.
Ohk. About the Sonic vs Emerl Army scene, they couldn`t fight back because Sonic is way stronger AND faster than them. Ok lets say i did get carried off, but ill try to make it more entertaining with melee attacks.
And yea i did wanted to make this from the very beggining so from so long i felt rushed up again. Thanks for reviewing and ill try to improve next time.