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Entry #6

Well, damn.

2010-05-04 06:15:59 by Blank-Mage

You know, I was this close to finishing episode 1 of my Tails flash, and the file corrupts. And my backups were deleted. What're the odds. Normally, this would be a huge blow, but considering I don't exactly have any fans to disappoint and that I'm actually pretty excited to start over, this isn't really a bad thing. It just kinda sucks that I'm a good month or 2 past when I hoped to release episode 1, and here I am on square 1 again. Ah well, I'm sure you'll all live. In the meantime, I decided to release the intro! Check that out, and don't forget to flame me for spriting in the reviews!


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2010-05-04 06:31:08

who are you now?


2010-05-04 07:02:26

good luck on it ^^


2010-05-04 11:18:56

aww i kno how u feel same thing happened 2 me but i just seen you intro and ima fan cant wait to see your finished work


2010-11-23 15:38:12

This flash sounds pretty good


2010-12-07 11:53:52

Well, I've seen the intro, and I say keep working on it. Let me know when you submit it so I can watch it.


2011-02-23 11:29:33

Great flashes and really good plot! I am looking foward to seeing the UC series take action! I ( Personally ) am a Tails fan and I wish I could make animations, but I don't know how to :(. I love how you are a dedicated Tails fan and is actually doing something to show that you are a true fan. I would too but, like I said, I dont know how to. If you need any help, just let me know!

Sincerely, The Fan


2011-03-16 19:45:56

Not to rush but when are you going to be done? I will still keep in touch, it's just that you are basicaly holding the whole animation 'structure'. Which tehnicaly means you are the only animater that is actually doing something about the Tails fan base goin'.////CHANGE OF SUBJECT\\\\ I recently discovered that the software cost 1000 bloody bucks! Thats a lot! Sure I have money but, hell I don't want to buy it at that price! That's just ridiculous. I will try to find a better price and equivelent quality.Well, you're lucky, you got the software and rollin'! Goodluck and finish ( At LEAST the first episode. ) the first or second by sometime in May. I won't be always checking up, but I will occassionaly. 'Till next time!

Sincerely, The Fan


2011-03-21 21:49:45

wanna be friends


2011-04-03 03:06:09

Yo dude, Ep.6 of SPHX is out!


2011-07-01 19:05:58

well you are right tails is pretty cool but he is not my favorite anyway your flashes rocks