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Well, damn.

2010-05-04 06:15:59 by Blank-Mage

You know, I was this close to finishing episode 1 of my Tails flash, and the file corrupts. And my backups were deleted. What're the odds. Normally, this would be a huge blow, but considering I don't exactly have any fans to disappoint and that I'm actually pretty excited to start over, this isn't really a bad thing. It just kinda sucks that I'm a good month or 2 past when I hoped to release episode 1, and here I am on square 1 again. Ah well, I'm sure you'll all live. In the meantime, I decided to release the intro! Check that out, and don't forget to flame me for spriting in the reviews!

Progress and Power Outages!

2009-12-05 01:27:10 by Blank-Mage

So, you ever work on something for 5 hours, wind up with 30 seconds of awesome fighting action, and as you survey your beautiful masterpiece, your block goes dark, because the township turns on some Christmas lights for a damn parade, that also makes you late for work?


Anyway, I said I'd be done making 'Tails: Unlimited Chaos' Episode 1 by the end of the month, and I meant it. So my 3 fans can rejoice. And the rest of you can groan as another Sonic sprite fanfic hits the pile. (Hey, humility is important when working in a field dominated by retards, trolls, and retarded trolls. I don't have any illusions of grandeur. Yet.) But I've thought of a bunch of ideas I can't wait to implement, and I've recently learned how to pull them off, so for better or worse I'm still on task. I've even included a picture to prove it! (I picked up a knack for custom edits, you see. I like how this one turned out.)

Look forward to it! Or be skeptical. (God knows you should be.) Oh, and before you ask, I'm doing sprites because I can't draw. No, really, I tried. So before you tell me how unoriginal I am, I know. It's not something I'm happy about. Deal.

Progress and Power Outages!

Voice acting is hard.

2009-10-17 15:24:29 by Blank-Mage

And I suck at it. That is all.

Glad to have wasted your time.

(And here I thought all the anime would have given me a good understanding of it. ASUNA-SAAAAAAN!)

Endless cycle of editing?

2009-10-02 03:00:51 by Blank-Mage

I find myself in a bit of a dilemma. I work on my flash project in my spare time, and I find myself getting exponentially better at things as I work out how Macromedia functions. That's the good news.

But now I find myself unhappy with how my flash started, so I go back and re-do it. Only now I'm having problems linking it to where I left off, so I create an intro so I won't get bored. It's a great intro, but now I'm not satisfied with the part I just TO HELL WITH IT I'M STARTING OVER.

So now I'm starting over from the beginning for the 3rd time. And while I'm sure it'll be much better for it, I'm starting to worry that I'll be stuck in an endless cycle of editing until it dawns on me how immature and childish this whole thing is and re-watch Lucky Star and Negima!? to stave off depression but failing when I realize that all the characters I love are fictitious and that my life is a conglomeration of lies built on artificial stereotypes that no single person can hope to match and thus damning me to exist in constant crushing despair cushioned only by the blind acquisition of yet moar anime until I die alone of massive kidney stones caused by Dr. Pepper consumption.


What was I saying? Oh, right. So, what do you guys think I should keep re-editing until I'm thoroughly sick of, I mean, satisfied with my first episode, or would you rather watch my work improve over time, like any reasonable flash artist?

So yeah, I've been putting things off, what with learning biology (which serves the dual purposes of advancing my career and teaching me where to stab someone when I begin my secret vigilante spree,) and meeting Patrick FUCKING Stewart at Dragoncon. Not to mention the constant distraction of Newgrounds game section. Thanks, Time Fcuk, you will haunt my dreams.

My point was!

My Tails spriting fan-fic has no release date, but expect it by the end of the year. Just thought I'd let my... lemme check... 12 fans know. And have the rest of Newgrounds yell at me a bit, while I'm at it. Take THAT, haters! I care not for your petty grievances! I'm too busy making things you hate!

*Takes cover*

Text or Voice Acting?

2009-05-19 05:40:23 by Blank-Mage

After my intros RAGING success, (Daily 5th, baby, YEAH!) I've been working on my sprite Tails fan fic. But seeing as to how I'm making it for you guys, I thought I'd ask: do you think I should go for voice actors, or do you prefer reading? I, for one, like text better because frankly? Voice acting seldom goes well. (And it's less effort. This is a pie chart on procrastination, etc.) However, I plan on having things get kinda emotional somewhere around episode 3... Anyway, I leave it to up to the masses.